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Private Furnished Home. When you rent a furnished home from us they are ready to go with all the utilities on. The best part is you get the privacy you deserve. No prying guests down the hall like you may find in a regular motel or hotel. There’s nothing more important than having the right environment for you and your family especially when you have kids.

24/7 Exclusive Access. You get full non-stop access to the entire inside of your home without having to share with any other family you don’t know. You will have “Full Private Uninterrupted Access” to your home.

No Long Term Lease. No Need to sign a long lease of any kind. You can pay all up front, weekly or monthly it’s up to you. Depending on the home you choose, the minimum rental time may vary.

Competitive Rental Price. We offer very affordable rental pricing with no realtors, brokers or other middlemen markups. In addition, we offer alot of extra amenities that we don’t charge for.

Pool and Spa. All of our homes have pools and spas. Having access to your own pool and spa is a wonderful experience. Our pools and spas are serviced by our professional pool cleaning company who makes sure your pool and spa are clean when you arrive.

Wifi. We provide “Free” internet access to all of our guests. You’ll have access to a dedicated internet connection and your internet signal will be broadcasted throughout your home so you can stay connected just while you are roaming around.

Television. Being able to relax is a good thing and no we don’t charge you for watching television. Our homes have Smart TVs that allow you to stream various channels or watch cable TV directly. You can easily watch all kinds of shows including movies with our televisions.

Car Parking. When you rent a home home from us, we make sure you can park your car at the property and not down the road. Most of our properties have parking for 2+ cars and usually have a garage or a car port at no extra cost. Unlike alot of hotels, we don’t charge any extra for parking.

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